We're the Leading Marketing + Advertising Provider in Twin Falls, ID

    Reach a highly engaged audience in Twin Falls through our powerful multi-channel strategy.

    Our Local Radio Brands Dominate the Twin Falls Market

    Advertise your business on the radio - on air and online.

    Across Townsquare Media, we have 49,500 radio listeners. We're responsible for some of the most popular radio stations in the area, but we can do a lot more than radio and traditional advertising. As a true multimedia company, we're huge proponents of using a combination of traditional and digital marketing to build brand awareness for local businesses.

    According to this recent RAB-commissioned study, adding radio to your digital campaign can boost online searches by 29%.

      Reach Your Customers With a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

      Explore the variety of digital marketing options that can help you reach consumers in Twin Falls.

      A strong online presence is an important part of every well-rounded marketing strategy. When your customers hear about you on the radio and enter a Google search for the products and services you offer, they need a place to land.

      Townsquare Twin Falls can help you craft a personalized digital marketing package that includes a website and everything you need to reach your ideal customers as they traverse the web.

      The best part? No long-term contracts and only one point of contact - no online support queues or automated helplines here.